LUP-END cancelled till further noticed

Yepp... it's postponed or "cancelled" whatevz! I'm not disappointed because he is one my my favorite rappers in the game.
Another reason for my happiness is that he is still releasing an album in June 2009 entitled "The Great American Rap Album". Same day as that album release, Japanese Cartoon (a British Band Lupe has been helping.. and is rumored to be the front man of) will be dropping as well called "In the Jaws of the Lords of Death".

Thennn.. an album I personally have been anticipating and wasn't sure was ever gonna happen :

MATTHEW SANTOS will be dropping an album an album this spring.

who is matthew santos? get LOOOSSST!!! If you heard "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco, he's the guy singing you brainless idiot haha do your research! can't wait for matthew and lupe... japanese cartoon... eh.. not so much from what I've heard so far. Maybe if it is more refined by the time it is released.


Mos DEF finitley

I believe this Febuary will be the best Febuary of Life. Helloo New President, Valentines day, Mos Def, K'naan, Jadakiss. Love and Music is just floating in the air right? I'm a big fan of Mos Def, always have been. I used to listen to "The Panties" all the time; yes i know its embarrassing that I listen to him sing, but I'd rather hear his attempts over Lil wayne's, T-pain's or Kanye's attempts any day.
"The Ecstatic" drops next month and from what I heard, he gets the panties again with this album.

**** DoWnLoaDz****
Mos Def "The Ecstatic"-- Life in Marvelous Times
Mos Def "The Ecstatic"-- Quiet Dog

DEEP RooTed album dropping January 27, 2009!!

I'm excited to have my first potentially dope album to drop this year. Fiiinallyy! Deep Rooted is the dopest unsigned rap/ R&b groups in California.I have a couple samples of their songs down below and if u like what you hear, you can purchase them. only a dollar a piece right? Think of it as somethin off the dollar menu only it'll last more than the 20 seconds it takes to eat it:

I'm already knowing you like what you hear so Check out the group here at their Deep Rooted myspace page (because I know 90% of you are already logged in), check out other music, buy other albums...
And then cop the self titled third installment Deep Rooted album that drops this Tuesday January 27th, 2009. Blue and Exile are featured on the album and if you never heard, I have a free album from them listen in my top albums of last year. check it out. You'll find nice soul vibes featured on the Deep Rooted collection of albums as well as clean take on hip hop. Listen and Enjoy.



So I decided to express how funny it is that Akon is scared to know his age. He says he doesn't wanna know how old he is because then he will have to face the fact that he's aging and doesn't wanna think about getting check-ups and health insurance and all that good stuff. His records show he is 31 years old which isn't old at all, yet he still says he doesnt know if that age is true. When people ask his age he just picks a number [which we all know is always going to be younger than he actually is]. He says he feels 21 and will be 21 for 10 years.... but if he's 31 then that means he'll be 41 in ten years. Just saying. Maybe once he feels old and slowing down he'll face the music but for now he's just 31. He has a good 20 or 30 years to be considered "old" but it can be understood that in his industry, artists age about 10 times quicker.


Idle Warship

My partner in crime tipped me off on what happened to our girl Res and Talib Kweli.. I thought they gave up on music and almost died.. but nope, they created a band Idle Warship along with Graph Nobel. thats the video "Black Snake Moan." Personally, their music does make tha music panties wet and im lovin what I hear... music like this makes me die waiting for the official full length album to come out

Top Albums of 2008

This post is about 2 weeks overdue, but still its the beginning of 2009 and I've decided to list my favorite albums of the last year... here go the must haves of 2008 in order of the most faved by Boogie Monsterz :

#1 3OH!3 "WANT"


















#10 J*Davey "Beauty in Distortion/Land of the Lost Episodes"




K'naan's new album!!!

Febuary 24, 2009 K'naan's album "Troubadour" will finally drop. If you don't know who K'naan is, I suggest you find out... Pronto. His last album "The Dusty Foot Philosopher" is the dopest . He combines a mix of rap and hip hop into his own style and way of vocalizing hiss craft. It's true that his music is of a rare breed and he has an originality no one can mock. I love his voice. It's along the same line as Eminem's voice or even Q-tip... but there is an extreme distinction. What I appreciate K'naan most for, is his credibility. While American rappers pitch "gangsterism" in order to gain publicity, K'naan uses his past living in one of the most violent countries in the world (Somalia) as his fuel to spread his gift, invoke knowledge and to also give his country a voice when, in their world, they don't have one. Nevertheless, he keeps his music from being too melancholic and depressing and keeps his listeners upbeat and having a good time.

"Where rocket-propelled grenades are fired around you on a daily ... a guy bragging on TV talking about how gangster he is?" K'Naan says. "For us, it's more a source of entertainment. It's more like a comedy or something we watch. Say, 'Oh wow, that's kind of cute of American gangsters.' But it isn't hardcore, it isn't that bad. Let's get things in perspective, you know?"

"The Dusty Foot Philosopher" (which released in 2006) won my heart when I came across K'naan by accident one day last year, and ever since I heard that album I've been waiting for the next. My favorite track on that past album was "The voices in my head" K'naan rhymed with so much intensity and soul about his life in Somalia that his listeners can literally feel his pain :

"Im still awake, and its quarter to six, im trying to write and I aint thought of no shit,
I live with guilt like I slaughtered the sick, I live with shame, like my daughter a bitch,
I dont make living but i still persist, i could sell out but i still resist, so dont tell me about no pain and shit,
I was born and raised in poverty bitch, And I smile all the while and i don't complain, Im something like Gail Scott heroine, do you know what it feels like to lose a friend, again and again and again, again
the bitterness in the killer the poet, the river of blood within the mess flowin, Im the bitterness in the killer the poet, the river, the blood will keep on flowin, people inside me say, they wanna see me go on tragically, and its evil, its evil, cuz im only twenty something years old working for a crumb or some bread or nothin.." - K'naan, "The Voices in My Head", The Dusty Foot Philosopher 2006

you can download that full album here for free [[DOWNLOAD HERE]]

And on February 24th, go buy his new release "Troubadour". K'naan is guaranteed to not disappoint."

To take a listen to the new album before you buy,click this link : K'naan Sample and Enjoy.
Peace, Love and Happy Listening!!