LUP-END cancelled till further noticed

Yepp... it's postponed or "cancelled" whatevz! I'm not disappointed because he is one my my favorite rappers in the game.
Another reason for my happiness is that he is still releasing an album in June 2009 entitled "The Great American Rap Album". Same day as that album release, Japanese Cartoon (a British Band Lupe has been helping.. and is rumored to be the front man of) will be dropping as well called "In the Jaws of the Lords of Death".

Thennn.. an album I personally have been anticipating and wasn't sure was ever gonna happen :

MATTHEW SANTOS will be dropping an album an album this spring.

who is matthew santos? get LOOOSSST!!! If you heard "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco, he's the guy singing you brainless idiot haha do your research! can't wait for matthew and lupe... japanese cartoon... eh.. not so much from what I've heard so far. Maybe if it is more refined by the time it is released.


Mos DEF finitley

I believe this Febuary will be the best Febuary of Life. Helloo New President, Valentines day, Mos Def, K'naan, Jadakiss. Love and Music is just floating in the air right? I'm a big fan of Mos Def, always have been. I used to listen to "The Panties" all the time; yes i know its embarrassing that I listen to him sing, but I'd rather hear his attempts over Lil wayne's, T-pain's or Kanye's attempts any day.
"The Ecstatic" drops next month and from what I heard, he gets the panties again with this album.

**** DoWnLoaDz****
Mos Def "The Ecstatic"-- Life in Marvelous Times
Mos Def "The Ecstatic"-- Quiet Dog

DEEP RooTed album dropping January 27, 2009!!

I'm excited to have my first potentially dope album to drop this year. Fiiinallyy! Deep Rooted is the dopest unsigned rap/ R&b groups in California.I have a couple samples of their songs down below and if u like what you hear, you can purchase them. only a dollar a piece right? Think of it as somethin off the dollar menu only it'll last more than the 20 seconds it takes to eat it:

I'm already knowing you like what you hear so Check out the group here at their Deep Rooted myspace page (because I know 90% of you are already logged in), check out other music, buy other albums...
And then cop the self titled third installment Deep Rooted album that drops this Tuesday January 27th, 2009. Blue and Exile are featured on the album and if you never heard, I have a free album from them listen in my top albums of last year. check it out. You'll find nice soul vibes featured on the Deep Rooted collection of albums as well as clean take on hip hop. Listen and Enjoy.



So I decided to express how funny it is that Akon is scared to know his age. He says he doesn't wanna know how old he is because then he will have to face the fact that he's aging and doesn't wanna think about getting check-ups and health insurance and all that good stuff. His records show he is 31 years old which isn't old at all, yet he still says he doesnt know if that age is true. When people ask his age he just picks a number [which we all know is always going to be younger than he actually is]. He says he feels 21 and will be 21 for 10 years.... but if he's 31 then that means he'll be 41 in ten years. Just saying. Maybe once he feels old and slowing down he'll face the music but for now he's just 31. He has a good 20 or 30 years to be considered "old" but it can be understood that in his industry, artists age about 10 times quicker.


Idle Warship

My partner in crime tipped me off on what happened to our girl Res and Talib Kweli.. I thought they gave up on music and almost died.. but nope, they created a band Idle Warship along with Graph Nobel. thats the video "Black Snake Moan." Personally, their music does make tha music panties wet and im lovin what I hear... music like this makes me die waiting for the official full length album to come out

Top Albums of 2008

This post is about 2 weeks overdue, but still its the beginning of 2009 and I've decided to list my favorite albums of the last year... here go the must haves of 2008 in order of the most faved by Boogie Monsterz :

#1 3OH!3 "WANT"


















#10 J*Davey "Beauty in Distortion/Land of the Lost Episodes"




K'naan's new album!!!

Febuary 24, 2009 K'naan's album "Troubadour" will finally drop. If you don't know who K'naan is, I suggest you find out... Pronto. His last album "The Dusty Foot Philosopher" is the dopest . He combines a mix of rap and hip hop into his own style and way of vocalizing hiss craft. It's true that his music is of a rare breed and he has an originality no one can mock. I love his voice. It's along the same line as Eminem's voice or even Q-tip... but there is an extreme distinction. What I appreciate K'naan most for, is his credibility. While American rappers pitch "gangsterism" in order to gain publicity, K'naan uses his past living in one of the most violent countries in the world (Somalia) as his fuel to spread his gift, invoke knowledge and to also give his country a voice when, in their world, they don't have one. Nevertheless, he keeps his music from being too melancholic and depressing and keeps his listeners upbeat and having a good time.

"Where rocket-propelled grenades are fired around you on a daily ... a guy bragging on TV talking about how gangster he is?" K'Naan says. "For us, it's more a source of entertainment. It's more like a comedy or something we watch. Say, 'Oh wow, that's kind of cute of American gangsters.' But it isn't hardcore, it isn't that bad. Let's get things in perspective, you know?"

"The Dusty Foot Philosopher" (which released in 2006) won my heart when I came across K'naan by accident one day last year, and ever since I heard that album I've been waiting for the next. My favorite track on that past album was "The voices in my head" K'naan rhymed with so much intensity and soul about his life in Somalia that his listeners can literally feel his pain :

"Im still awake, and its quarter to six, im trying to write and I aint thought of no shit,
I live with guilt like I slaughtered the sick, I live with shame, like my daughter a bitch,
I dont make living but i still persist, i could sell out but i still resist, so dont tell me about no pain and shit,
I was born and raised in poverty bitch, And I smile all the while and i don't complain, Im something like Gail Scott heroine, do you know what it feels like to lose a friend, again and again and again, again
the bitterness in the killer the poet, the river of blood within the mess flowin, Im the bitterness in the killer the poet, the river, the blood will keep on flowin, people inside me say, they wanna see me go on tragically, and its evil, its evil, cuz im only twenty something years old working for a crumb or some bread or nothin.." - K'naan, "The Voices in My Head", The Dusty Foot Philosopher 2006

you can download that full album here for free [[DOWNLOAD HERE]]

And on February 24th, go buy his new release "Troubadour". K'naan is guaranteed to not disappoint."

To take a listen to the new album before you buy,click this link : K'naan Sample and Enjoy.
Peace, Love and Happy Listening!!


Aubrey O'day - Love?

Long story short: Aubrey O'day, with any more plastic shall look like the long lost Courtney Love before she hits her 32nd birthday. Former Danity Kane member O'Day [or O'Gay, as Perez Hilton calls her] has just about as much plastic in her as the Tonka toy company, and even though her boobs and lips my help her float in a drowning situation, they don't help her float in the celebrity alphabet.... she remains on the Z-List.
Perhaps she's living off her Danity Kane money still (even after all the surgery) plus the change she gets for posing for slut magz across the globe.. but when that runs out it's only right that we will probably see her in her own reality t.v show... Word on the street is that she's already on her quest for the Aubrey Show. I wouldn't be surprised if we see her on "A shot at love with O'Gay" after the sticky Icky Ikki twins are done, of course.

The Icky Ikki Twinz

Even with MTV being the big contradiction it is, "A Double Shot at Love" with the Ikki Twins (Rikki and Vikki) still shocked me out of my skin. I avoid T.V as much as possible to not succumb to the not so real reality shows most dedicate their lives to. So, after a 6 month hiatus of no t.v (besides the news) and seeing this show for the first time a few days ago you can see why I just about had a heart attack. First of all, how does MTV promote awareness, education, and success with artist commentary from Diddy, U2 and P!Nk! (the advocate for strength and knowledge especially among young women) yet have shows such as "A Double Shot at Love" that promotes stupidity among women?

The first show I watched from this series had to be a re-run of course. It involved the dumb girls taking this guy Scotty out on a date for successfully eating his plate of Lamb brains and the heart of some other animal that died for the cause. As I watched, I was waiting to see who the other twin was going on the date with... it never happened. The girls took Scotty on a one on one date with BOTH of them. In all efforts to keep them from the trashy category, I thought "Well, perhaps he's dating Icky Ikki #1 and Icky Ikki #2 is there for support and to make sure Scotty will do right by Icky Ikki#1." As I watched, I thought I was right. Scotty was with the first sister making out and talking in that Oh So cliched romantic setting with the glow we see on every other reality series... then... to my amazement the other Ikki bitch yells "Scotty!! Im bored!" from down below.

I think, "O well.. its not his problem. Shoulda brought you're own date."
Scotty, looking like an excited little puppy, quickly answers Icky Ikki #2 's calls and goes to talk to her. I'm thinking it's time for him to get interrogated about his intentions with her sister. Nope. Wrong again. This broad asks "Do you think you can have romantic feelings for me too?" He says "Well... I really like your sister. And I like you too," and then the make-out session quickly ensued.... and then turned to a dry-hump exhibit.

Blah. I lost my apetite. What really got me, is when the sisters announced they were going to meet the families and asked what each contestant's family would think about their situations. One girl said, "If you were to meet my family, my father will be very dissappointed in the way he raised me."

uhm.. hello? HI FIVE DAD!!! What parent wouldn't?

Because Tila Tequila refused to humiliate herself on yet another season of this show, the Ikki twins's agent got them a takeover spot. It had to make MTV's panties wet that one of their most successful reality shows werent dissappearing with Tila. They struck gold with the unknown dumb blonde's they came across in the anorexic recovery room.

I'm not sure how much closer this show can get to promoting incest. Unlike VH1's "Real Chance of Love", the girls didn't split the contestants, instead they decided to share. How precious. Then, what makes it real odd is how in other dating shows such as this, the one looking for love always says "I need to make sure that he/she is here for me!" These sick chicks say "I need to make sure he/she are here for us!"

... Us? yep... Us.

While doing their life's work by fulfilling every contestants taboo fantasy of being with identical twins, the girls seem oblivious to how dumb and slutty they look on the show. All of the contestants clearly want both of the Ikki's, but they are gonna settle for whichever picks them, then perhaps mess around with other one later. What happens if at the end, one Icky Ikki picks the one the other wants? Or How about if one Icky Ikki doesn't have anyone to pick because they've all been kicked off by her sister? From things I've read on the show, It looks like that is what has been happening.
On a sidenote, I can't believe this is what the youth of the nation has to look up to on the telly. People used to complain about music videos just short of an X-rating being on t.v... but after this stuff I wish those days would come back.


11-yr old Adam missing and unreported

If you had a "problem child" that kept running away, when he ran away the last time at age 11, would you just let it be? Treat it as "The Boy who cried Wolf" and not even bother to report him missing or search for him? Adam Herrman went missing in 1999 and no one in his adoptive family, biological family, neighborhood, or adoption agency bothered to report him missing. The story in full detail can be checked out RIGHT HERE.

I know this post is out of the norm for a blog of this type, nevertheless it has blown my mind. The parents of Adam Herrman let their adopted son "runaway" (so they claim) and didn't bother to report it. They described him as a problem child with a history of runaways (which they claimed to have always reported) and figured that this time he found his older biological sister (who was adopted by another family in Wichita, KA) or went back to his biological parents. My question is, if that is the case or their motive for neglecting the safety of Adam, why did they not contact the biological parents or the biological sister? To this day the Herrmans did not report their son missing. The police, instead, were tipped off by an anonymous source that Adam was missing.

Adam was homeschooled by his adoptive parents, and were reported as being in a ways verbally and emotionally abusive to Adam calling him "Stupid" and other things of the sort. When his biological sister Tiffany Broadfoot attempted to call Adam, the family would get hostile telling her to never call their home and that it wasn't her family and he was none of her concern. Broadfoot mentions that the Herrmans didn't want her contacting Adam and her other sibling's whom they adopted because they weren't aware that the Herrmans' weren't their biological parents.

What I wanna know, is why Broadfoot didn't contact the adoption agency or tell her own family of what was going on. I also want to know why Adam's biological father ( who fought for custody after his kids were taken away due to abuse from the mother) did not attempt to find his son. He claims to have been waiting for his son to reach the age where he was able to search for his biological family. Who does that? Why, if you want to have custody of your kids, would you keep distance instead of keeping tabs on how he was doing with a family not his own?

And what about the adoption agency? Aren't they supposed to keep tabs on orphans they release to make sure they are in a fit and suitable home, healthy and cared for until they are of legal age? Who wasn't doing their job?

And how about the parents : The Herrmans. Tell me again why they didnt work up the effort to at least make sure Adam was well. They instead told everyone who asked of Adam that they returned him back into state custody. No one had reason to question that since the Herrmans turned foster children over to state custody in the past. But why did they do it?

In my opinion, something is up. No one in their right mind would let this go on for 10 years unannounced. I wouldn't be surprised if the Herrmans knew exactly what happened to Adam, who would now be 21 if he is alive. We've seen this before with Jon Bennet Ramsey. It shows that class has nothing to do with stories like this. Ramsey came from a rich home while Adam came from a trailor in Kansas.

What criteria does one have to meet in order to adopt a kid? And, if Adam's runaways were so-called reported each time, why didn't the adoption agency know about it and take him back into state custody? What 11 yr old runs away that often unless they are still suffering abuse in the home? We all know a "problem child" is equal to "problem parents" so to blame something like this solely on the kid just amazes me entirely. Step to the plate and realize how idiotic and unfit you are to even consider having the joy of raising children.

This is a story I am following. It's all just a big mystery.


Janelle the Robot Girl

Janelle Monae has been deemed my look-a-like by my friends. I took this as a horrible bash on my good looks, until I saw how beautiful she was back when she rocked her complete afro here:::

Now though, she changed up her exquisite style for her robot gimmick and looks like a gender confused skinny guy with senior citizen dance moves on stage all the while trying to rock her partial afro on this picture right here. So you can see why my feelings were hurt.

Nevertheless, the woman is talented and no one can hate on that. She is nominated for a grammy, and with her signature on Diddy's label, she has decided to discontinue releasing her "Suite" legacy in order to release her first full length album in the first quarter of 2009. She may be one of the artists that keep's diddy's label afloat because who knows whats going on with Danity Kane and Day26 anymore... and I can't think of anyone else signed with Diddy at the moment. Anywho, I'm anticipating what she will come with next on her album. She makes music for any person in any mood so I hope the next set of songs aren't a compilation of things she already did. I hope it's completely original and not anything that has been leaked because I probably already have those tracks. She has been called the female version of Andre 3000, which I have to disagree with along with her being deemed being a futuristic singer. Her music to me sounds like really old school blues one would hear while living 40's or 50's or along with Louis Armstrong's relaxing Kermit the Frog voice. Monae has strong vocals that soothes you're soul yet puts you in a happy and lighthearted mood. She has been making music for years and had been featured on many tracks by Big Boi of Outkast. One of my favorite tracks from her is "Not Fair" and "Peachtree Blues". Her 7 track set on Metropolis: The Chase Suite was a complete tease to fans of hers. Finally though her full length album shall drop and I am hoping it will be more than a lonely set of 10 songs most artists give after fans wait for what seems like centuries *CoughSantogoldCough.* Monae's music is for everyone's liking no matter the age or genre of music you may listen to.


The End of Lupe Fiasco

How much of us are completely shattered by the end of Lupe Fiasco. I consider him a contribution of real hip hop that happened to make it a little into the mainstream market. Although he's very technical and surgical about his rhymes and words he still is on the exquisite side of the spectrum. He's leaving so early in the game, and fans can only hope that this is just another artist saying they are leaving just to come out with more stuff later on. I actually hope he switches his game up and goes underground instead of stopping completely. He's better than that. He has decided to leave with a bang and is recording his 3 disc set of album which will release one after the other instead of all at once. The first of LupE.N.D entitled "Everywhere" is set to release Fall 2009. The other two parts "Nowhere" and "Down Here" have no release dates but I have a feeling they will release a year apart... perhaps I'm just hoping he drags the end of his career to a slow halt.

It may be wishful thinking, but I don't think he'll leave the game completely. Hopefully he got tired of the "hollywood" ness of it and will retreat underground like the rest of Hip Hop. I'm not sure, I just know I'll be bumpin his records whether he gone or not. That's mah homie.


I was slow on my game, and got tipped off on this dude a couple months ago. He's dope of course and Mostly unknown for now. He's signed with one of the dopest producers ( Mark Ronson) on Allido Records which automatically makes him the business all over the globe... plus he has a picture with the truest mack daddy Wall-E--->.

The first I heard of Wale [wah-lay] was on his Nike Boots track he had with the King of airwaves [Lil Wayne] and then I moved on to his
"Mixtape About Nothing" joint with his Pimpin ass Seinfeld theme to it. Who woulda thought? You can download that for free HEEERRRE!!! (yes click here)...Usually I skip over the skits people have on their records but Wale pretty much left me in stitches with his Track 14 skit called Untz Untz. Talkin with "Cliche Records" trying who is trying to get him to do a song called "Crank dat Flyin Squirrel" so a whole bunch of teenage white kids could buy the records. Complete genius.
And just because im the coolest person ever I guess I'll let another free one go Right Here !!! (click here again.)
I can't wait for his big debut. From what I've noticed (maybe due to his work with Ronson) he's more known over in Europe than in the U.S which is pretty lame since he is from Washington D.C. And why his own city hates him... we'll never know.


Jay-Z 's news Collab

It's 2009 and music lovers are all hoping it's a better year; Especially for hip hop. So Far, most of us are looking forward to the new Eminem fresh out of rehab album appropriately titled "Relapse", Travis McCoys debut solo, and in R&B we are looking for the new Usher album. What is even more exciting is to see how many rappers are gonna say they are retired and then come back in the next split second. Jay-Z, of course, is not all the way retired like he said he was every year and I'm loving it; Especially with the talk of his newest project with the N-Word advocate himself : Nas.
Yes, Jay-Z has plans to team up with Nas to release a collaborative album from his new and unconfirmed label outside of Rocafella. Some are saying they are going to bring Hip Hop back with this album, but in all actuality how many times do we hear of this awaited resurrection? Nas and Jay-Z have been making music all along, yet Hip Hop is still "dead" so who's to say its going to "come back to life" with a collabo? The team up is gauranteed to be dope, of course, but to bring Hip Hop back, the people have to want it. Push aside the wack Flo Rida's, Soulja Boys, Plies, and Baby Bash's and accept the art for what it really is. Every genre of music is blurring nowadays though, and in my opinion Hip Hop is outliving true R&B which is becoming more "poppy" by the second. This collab can indeed strengthen and inspire Hip Hop artists if it is done right, which I have no doubt about. After all, both Nas and Jay-Z are becoming, if not already, legends of the Hip Hop world.