LUP-END cancelled till further noticed

Yepp... it's postponed or "cancelled" whatevz! I'm not disappointed because he is one my my favorite rappers in the game.
Another reason for my happiness is that he is still releasing an album in June 2009 entitled "The Great American Rap Album". Same day as that album release, Japanese Cartoon (a British Band Lupe has been helping.. and is rumored to be the front man of) will be dropping as well called "In the Jaws of the Lords of Death".

Thennn.. an album I personally have been anticipating and wasn't sure was ever gonna happen :

MATTHEW SANTOS will be dropping an album an album this spring.

who is matthew santos? get LOOOSSST!!! If you heard "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco, he's the guy singing you brainless idiot haha do your research! can't wait for matthew and lupe... japanese cartoon... eh.. not so much from what I've heard so far. Maybe if it is more refined by the time it is released.