Peekin 4rm Below

So ... Black Milk. He is the epitome of what underground Hip Hop truley is. You say Hip Hop is dead.. it just means you just aren't looking hard enough. Everything about his music from his lyrics to his dope creative style in his beats and productions shows that Hip Hop is just a hidden masterpiece meant only for the people who are dedicated to the art. Underground is about staying true to your craft. Not saying "yo i got money now, i'll create a bullsh*t album every year now just to get more." Black Milk is the truth. If you are looking to sample or dig into some new sounds you may have been missing in the hip hop game check out his albums: "Sound of the City" "Popular Demand" and "Tronic". My favorite has to be his Tronic album. Everything in that album just slaps so hard it makes u feel like u just pissed off ya mama. Dopest tracks on the album is "Try" "Losing Out" and "Give the Drummer Some." If you like what you hear once you get ahold of his albums, also check out Elzhi. They both present the talent most mainstream hip hop artists lack.

Black Milk - Tronic