What better way to get refreshing new sounds than stumbling upon a free album? I recently came across this album "Oh MY" by Sean Fournier and took advantage of the free download. Naturally, most of us think if something is free it must not be such a good piece of work. Poor quality, annoying, boring. Because of this I wasn't particularly excited. Surprisingly I lucked out. Sean Fournier is another one of those overlooked artists sort of reminiscent of Jason Mraz if u must have a reference. He combines light sounds of the piano, acoustic, and creative jungle drum sounds into this album and the outcome is a relaxing, mellow collection of only about six or so songs. I became addicted to "Holding the hand of the Hurricane" which is the last track on his album. The lyrics and the deep raspy soul vocals of Fournier was completely mesmerizing. The beat of the Hurricane sounded as if it belonged in the Lion King -- and we all love the Lion King's jammin music... or is that just me? Back on topic, my next recommendation is "Goodbye". It's a melodic slightly somber song yet not depressing at all. Its about strength and overcoming negative thoughts. Overall "OH MY" is easy cool listening that I must admit I listen to every single day... if I don't my day will pretty much be horrid.
So my advice is no matter your music preferences, to take a "risk" and open your mind. After all, it is free. What do you have to lose? Matter of fact, I'll even give you the spot:

Sean Fournier - Oh My (free copy)

You have the choice of either having a free tangible copy or a free download. Quick easy and Free. Take advantage. Spread the word, tell your friends.


Sean said...

Thanks for the review!
I posted about it at my blog ;)