Handome boy modeling school

Here is Prince Paul and Dan "the Automator" Nakamura. Also known as Handsome Boy Modeling school. They have earned a piece of my heart ... in fact I'm getting a little choked up about it. Just kidding of course. But this is the type of music that is pretty hard to find, so of course it is my favorite. They are both producers, unique in style and sound. Prince Paul, most known for working with De La Soul and Nakamura for working in the underground scene... right up our ally right? And of course they get automatic Boogie points for rockin the old school nob moustaches, thick rimmed harry potter glasses, and slightly too tight suits.

Im hoping you boogie monsters aren't just about underground rap but all music. If you are, then duuh its my mission to "put you on game". Handsome Boy Modeling School (sheesh that takes long to type) compiles trance sounds with Cat Power (whom I also love to death), Pharrell of N.E.R.D and others as well as hip hop urban sounds with old school vibes like Del the Funky Homosapien as well as collaborating with artists like Jack Johnson. If one where to put all of those artists together it just sounds a little off yet supremely dope right? Which is why I basically love them. My favorite is off the "White People" album entitled "I've been thinking" featuring Cat power with the trance-like presence of her voice.

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White People Album
So... How's your girl? album.