Abso-freaking-lutely my number one album of 2008! To be perfectly honest, I was slightly disappointed with Hip Hop this year. Then when I discovered Common was coming back I expected another plain old Common album. One that wouldn't dissappoint lyrically but.. after awile i'd get tired of it... But, to honor one of the truest in the game, I went and "copped" this new one.. and was BLOWN THE HE** AWAAAYYY.
Universal Mind Control (UMC) is by far the best Common album yet. Completely true to his own style yet he brought the dopeness of the Neptunes into his beats, Cee-lo of Gnarls Barkley, Kanye West and, of course, Pharrells vocals on lots of the tracks. He came unexpectedly creative and diverse on this. He incorporates electrical sounds and futuristic type beats and mixed it in with his own lyrical genius and currently has me "slappin" the entire album non-stop. You know when an album is good when you are ready to cry when u find out u listened to the whole thing and no more new songs are left. Ok, perhaps I'm the dramatic one, but when somethings good u dont want it to end. My Current Top tracks on UMC are "Sex 4 Sugar", "UMC", "Make My Day", and "Punch Drunk Love".... Welp I pretty much named half the album right? That alone explains it all. Go Get a few copies.. yes I did say a few. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!