mixtapetorrent.com Has some of the most awesome findings as I mentioned in the last post. This is an album I came across a few days ago on their site. I don't know about the rest of you boogie monsterz but I've never heard of K.Sparks nor Mixtape Assassin, but being who I am and seeing an artist unknown to me, I began my download. Once again I am successful. K. Sparks is ill.... the end. His rhymes and lyrics in my opinion are off the chain. And I also expected, since this is an unknown artist, for the mixtape to sound pretty cheap and undeveloped but its real proffessional and the beats are on point. My favorite tracks on the album is the first "Dictionary" as well as "Hard Lemonade" and "Rewind". This is the type of album you wouldn't have to press the skip button to get to the next track. It's gauranteed to have you bobbin your head all the way through. K. Sparks' lyrics can be sometimes political and slightly emotional at times. The lyrics sometimes scratch the surface of what most people are feeling, and other times it expresses it deeply. On the other hand, his lyrics can be dope and completely fun. In "Dictionary" he says "I'm not a rapper. I just spit alot." May I tell you that grabbed my heart out of my chest? Lyrics such as that and "The only one iller than me is Magic Johnson." Someone please save me. It's always the little things right? The dude is raw. So by now you all should be heading off the mixtapetorrent.com to go pick up your free copy. Of Mixtape Assassin & K. Sparks album "Manic Mondays" vol. 1. Yeah, it's the one posted up there with the guy in the stunna shades next to what seems to be the Universal Studio's Globe. Sounds slightly odd, but hey... you can't go wrong. Thats a promise.