Travis MCcoy

So we've all seen the video's or heard of Travis's new solo deal that's in the works. Personally, It's hard for me to be mad at it and also hard for me to be completely jumping for joy that one of my favorites is finally coming with his own joints. I am on the fence with this one. Gym Class Heroes has been one of my favorite bands since "...For the kids" and as they increased in popularity and into mainstream status with the"The Quilt" album the music started to sound a tad watered down.
Mr. Mccoy is a dope rapper I must say; clever with his lyrics and quick on his toes, and even though I always expected him to go solo and into his own groove, I didn't expect it to be in this way. Out of all labels, he signed with Nappy Boys with T-pain. All of the true Gym Class and Travis fans can only pray that we don't hear more of T-pains cliched synthesized voice over the tracks and hope that Travis doesn't sell out his originality that brought him to the top in the first place. I've waited awhile for this jump, but I expected him to go solo within the same label as Gym Class Heroes or to a less.... T-pain label. I mean, honestly, signing with T-Pain or Akon, for an artist like McCoy, is almost the definition of selling out. He's signing with Nappy Boys without even having nappy hair. I must say though, I really can't wait to see how this solo deal pans out. Hope to get my hands on the all of the mixtapes (and there better be a lot). Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for him, after all, he is one of my favorites. I just hope he brings us what he's good at and not let that overpowering T-pain label and sound take control of who his is and his craft. It's all bad if us innocent listeners have to go through another round of T-pains voice on yet another artists single. I'm not hating on T-pain, I'm just saying we all know you and lil Wayne rule the radio, we don't need you shouting Nappy Boys over every song you spit out of your label. We hear you're voice enough as it is. And to Travis Mccoy, do your thing, make that paper and hopefully we'll be seeing Schleprok Records in the near future.