Jay-Z 's news Collab

It's 2009 and music lovers are all hoping it's a better year; Especially for hip hop. So Far, most of us are looking forward to the new Eminem fresh out of rehab album appropriately titled "Relapse", Travis McCoys debut solo, and in R&B we are looking for the new Usher album. What is even more exciting is to see how many rappers are gonna say they are retired and then come back in the next split second. Jay-Z, of course, is not all the way retired like he said he was every year and I'm loving it; Especially with the talk of his newest project with the N-Word advocate himself : Nas.
Yes, Jay-Z has plans to team up with Nas to release a collaborative album from his new and unconfirmed label outside of Rocafella. Some are saying they are going to bring Hip Hop back with this album, but in all actuality how many times do we hear of this awaited resurrection? Nas and Jay-Z have been making music all along, yet Hip Hop is still "dead" so who's to say its going to "come back to life" with a collabo? The team up is gauranteed to be dope, of course, but to bring Hip Hop back, the people have to want it. Push aside the wack Flo Rida's, Soulja Boys, Plies, and Baby Bash's and accept the art for what it really is. Every genre of music is blurring nowadays though, and in my opinion Hip Hop is outliving true R&B which is becoming more "poppy" by the second. This collab can indeed strengthen and inspire Hip Hop artists if it is done right, which I have no doubt about. After all, both Nas and Jay-Z are becoming, if not already, legends of the Hip Hop world.


Ms.Zindzi said...

I agree!

Every rapper talks about how Hip Hop is dead and EACH AND EVERY TIME they drop and album they come up with the same damn story - 'I'm bringing Hip-Hop back'.

The grand question is - Did Hip-Hop really die?


xoxo, Ms.Zindzi.