The Icky Ikki Twinz

Even with MTV being the big contradiction it is, "A Double Shot at Love" with the Ikki Twins (Rikki and Vikki) still shocked me out of my skin. I avoid T.V as much as possible to not succumb to the not so real reality shows most dedicate their lives to. So, after a 6 month hiatus of no t.v (besides the news) and seeing this show for the first time a few days ago you can see why I just about had a heart attack. First of all, how does MTV promote awareness, education, and success with artist commentary from Diddy, U2 and P!Nk! (the advocate for strength and knowledge especially among young women) yet have shows such as "A Double Shot at Love" that promotes stupidity among women?

The first show I watched from this series had to be a re-run of course. It involved the dumb girls taking this guy Scotty out on a date for successfully eating his plate of Lamb brains and the heart of some other animal that died for the cause. As I watched, I was waiting to see who the other twin was going on the date with... it never happened. The girls took Scotty on a one on one date with BOTH of them. In all efforts to keep them from the trashy category, I thought "Well, perhaps he's dating Icky Ikki #1 and Icky Ikki #2 is there for support and to make sure Scotty will do right by Icky Ikki#1." As I watched, I thought I was right. Scotty was with the first sister making out and talking in that Oh So cliched romantic setting with the glow we see on every other reality series... then... to my amazement the other Ikki bitch yells "Scotty!! Im bored!" from down below.

I think, "O well.. its not his problem. Shoulda brought you're own date."
Scotty, looking like an excited little puppy, quickly answers Icky Ikki #2 's calls and goes to talk to her. I'm thinking it's time for him to get interrogated about his intentions with her sister. Nope. Wrong again. This broad asks "Do you think you can have romantic feelings for me too?" He says "Well... I really like your sister. And I like you too," and then the make-out session quickly ensued.... and then turned to a dry-hump exhibit.

Blah. I lost my apetite. What really got me, is when the sisters announced they were going to meet the families and asked what each contestant's family would think about their situations. One girl said, "If you were to meet my family, my father will be very dissappointed in the way he raised me."

uhm.. hello? HI FIVE DAD!!! What parent wouldn't?

Because Tila Tequila refused to humiliate herself on yet another season of this show, the Ikki twins's agent got them a takeover spot. It had to make MTV's panties wet that one of their most successful reality shows werent dissappearing with Tila. They struck gold with the unknown dumb blonde's they came across in the anorexic recovery room.

I'm not sure how much closer this show can get to promoting incest. Unlike VH1's "Real Chance of Love", the girls didn't split the contestants, instead they decided to share. How precious. Then, what makes it real odd is how in other dating shows such as this, the one looking for love always says "I need to make sure that he/she is here for me!" These sick chicks say "I need to make sure he/she are here for us!"

... Us? yep... Us.

While doing their life's work by fulfilling every contestants taboo fantasy of being with identical twins, the girls seem oblivious to how dumb and slutty they look on the show. All of the contestants clearly want both of the Ikki's, but they are gonna settle for whichever picks them, then perhaps mess around with other one later. What happens if at the end, one Icky Ikki picks the one the other wants? Or How about if one Icky Ikki doesn't have anyone to pick because they've all been kicked off by her sister? From things I've read on the show, It looks like that is what has been happening.
On a sidenote, I can't believe this is what the youth of the nation has to look up to on the telly. People used to complain about music videos just short of an X-rating being on t.v... but after this stuff I wish those days would come back.


Anonymous said...

i liked your style of writing reminds me of my style. Couldn't agree with you more what happened to the days of Yo MTV Raps this is whats on tv for the new generation. Then we wonder why kids are getting pregnant and slutty at such a young age.

8 TRAQ MiNd said...

I'm glad you agree. So many posts of this show especially on mtv's site dedicated to the series has been in positive light.
Nowadays when both parents are at work and kids are left to raise themselves, they use television to get insight on the world and this is what they see. It's absolutely no wonder why teen pregnancy, drug, and alcohol abuse as well as a fast sexual lifestyle is no long becoming as much as a shocker as it when I was still growing up. It wasn't long ago either, im not even 20 years old yet but things are changing more and more rapidly.