Janelle the Robot Girl

Janelle Monae has been deemed my look-a-like by my friends. I took this as a horrible bash on my good looks, until I saw how beautiful she was back when she rocked her complete afro here:::

Now though, she changed up her exquisite style for her robot gimmick and looks like a gender confused skinny guy with senior citizen dance moves on stage all the while trying to rock her partial afro on this picture right here. So you can see why my feelings were hurt.

Nevertheless, the woman is talented and no one can hate on that. She is nominated for a grammy, and with her signature on Diddy's label, she has decided to discontinue releasing her "Suite" legacy in order to release her first full length album in the first quarter of 2009. She may be one of the artists that keep's diddy's label afloat because who knows whats going on with Danity Kane and Day26 anymore... and I can't think of anyone else signed with Diddy at the moment. Anywho, I'm anticipating what she will come with next on her album. She makes music for any person in any mood so I hope the next set of songs aren't a compilation of things she already did. I hope it's completely original and not anything that has been leaked because I probably already have those tracks. She has been called the female version of Andre 3000, which I have to disagree with along with her being deemed being a futuristic singer. Her music to me sounds like really old school blues one would hear while living 40's or 50's or along with Louis Armstrong's relaxing Kermit the Frog voice. Monae has strong vocals that soothes you're soul yet puts you in a happy and lighthearted mood. She has been making music for years and had been featured on many tracks by Big Boi of Outkast. One of my favorite tracks from her is "Not Fair" and "Peachtree Blues". Her 7 track set on Metropolis: The Chase Suite was a complete tease to fans of hers. Finally though her full length album shall drop and I am hoping it will be more than a lonely set of 10 songs most artists give after fans wait for what seems like centuries *CoughSantogoldCough.* Monae's music is for everyone's liking no matter the age or genre of music you may listen to.