I was slow on my game, and got tipped off on this dude a couple months ago. He's dope of course and Mostly unknown for now. He's signed with one of the dopest producers ( Mark Ronson) on Allido Records which automatically makes him the business all over the globe... plus he has a picture with the truest mack daddy Wall-E--->.

The first I heard of Wale [wah-lay] was on his Nike Boots track he had with the King of airwaves [Lil Wayne] and then I moved on to his
"Mixtape About Nothing" joint with his Pimpin ass Seinfeld theme to it. Who woulda thought? You can download that for free HEEERRRE!!! (yes click here)...Usually I skip over the skits people have on their records but Wale pretty much left me in stitches with his Track 14 skit called Untz Untz. Talkin with "Cliche Records" trying who is trying to get him to do a song called "Crank dat Flyin Squirrel" so a whole bunch of teenage white kids could buy the records. Complete genius.
And just because im the coolest person ever I guess I'll let another free one go Right Here !!! (click here again.)
I can't wait for his big debut. From what I've noticed (maybe due to his work with Ronson) he's more known over in Europe than in the U.S which is pretty lame since he is from Washington D.C. And why his own city hates him... we'll never know.