Aubrey O'day - Love?

Long story short: Aubrey O'day, with any more plastic shall look like the long lost Courtney Love before she hits her 32nd birthday. Former Danity Kane member O'Day [or O'Gay, as Perez Hilton calls her] has just about as much plastic in her as the Tonka toy company, and even though her boobs and lips my help her float in a drowning situation, they don't help her float in the celebrity alphabet.... she remains on the Z-List.
Perhaps she's living off her Danity Kane money still (even after all the surgery) plus the change she gets for posing for slut magz across the globe.. but when that runs out it's only right that we will probably see her in her own reality t.v show... Word on the street is that she's already on her quest for the Aubrey Show. I wouldn't be surprised if we see her on "A shot at love with O'Gay" after the sticky Icky Ikki twins are done, of course.