The End of Lupe Fiasco

How much of us are completely shattered by the end of Lupe Fiasco. I consider him a contribution of real hip hop that happened to make it a little into the mainstream market. Although he's very technical and surgical about his rhymes and words he still is on the exquisite side of the spectrum. He's leaving so early in the game, and fans can only hope that this is just another artist saying they are leaving just to come out with more stuff later on. I actually hope he switches his game up and goes underground instead of stopping completely. He's better than that. He has decided to leave with a bang and is recording his 3 disc set of album which will release one after the other instead of all at once. The first of LupE.N.D entitled "Everywhere" is set to release Fall 2009. The other two parts "Nowhere" and "Down Here" have no release dates but I have a feeling they will release a year apart... perhaps I'm just hoping he drags the end of his career to a slow halt.

It may be wishful thinking, but I don't think he'll leave the game completely. Hopefully he got tired of the "hollywood" ness of it and will retreat underground like the rest of Hip Hop. I'm not sure, I just know I'll be bumpin his records whether he gone or not. That's mah homie.