11-yr old Adam missing and unreported

If you had a "problem child" that kept running away, when he ran away the last time at age 11, would you just let it be? Treat it as "The Boy who cried Wolf" and not even bother to report him missing or search for him? Adam Herrman went missing in 1999 and no one in his adoptive family, biological family, neighborhood, or adoption agency bothered to report him missing. The story in full detail can be checked out RIGHT HERE.

I know this post is out of the norm for a blog of this type, nevertheless it has blown my mind. The parents of Adam Herrman let their adopted son "runaway" (so they claim) and didn't bother to report it. They described him as a problem child with a history of runaways (which they claimed to have always reported) and figured that this time he found his older biological sister (who was adopted by another family in Wichita, KA) or went back to his biological parents. My question is, if that is the case or their motive for neglecting the safety of Adam, why did they not contact the biological parents or the biological sister? To this day the Herrmans did not report their son missing. The police, instead, were tipped off by an anonymous source that Adam was missing.

Adam was homeschooled by his adoptive parents, and were reported as being in a ways verbally and emotionally abusive to Adam calling him "Stupid" and other things of the sort. When his biological sister Tiffany Broadfoot attempted to call Adam, the family would get hostile telling her to never call their home and that it wasn't her family and he was none of her concern. Broadfoot mentions that the Herrmans didn't want her contacting Adam and her other sibling's whom they adopted because they weren't aware that the Herrmans' weren't their biological parents.

What I wanna know, is why Broadfoot didn't contact the adoption agency or tell her own family of what was going on. I also want to know why Adam's biological father ( who fought for custody after his kids were taken away due to abuse from the mother) did not attempt to find his son. He claims to have been waiting for his son to reach the age where he was able to search for his biological family. Who does that? Why, if you want to have custody of your kids, would you keep distance instead of keeping tabs on how he was doing with a family not his own?

And what about the adoption agency? Aren't they supposed to keep tabs on orphans they release to make sure they are in a fit and suitable home, healthy and cared for until they are of legal age? Who wasn't doing their job?

And how about the parents : The Herrmans. Tell me again why they didnt work up the effort to at least make sure Adam was well. They instead told everyone who asked of Adam that they returned him back into state custody. No one had reason to question that since the Herrmans turned foster children over to state custody in the past. But why did they do it?

In my opinion, something is up. No one in their right mind would let this go on for 10 years unannounced. I wouldn't be surprised if the Herrmans knew exactly what happened to Adam, who would now be 21 if he is alive. We've seen this before with Jon Bennet Ramsey. It shows that class has nothing to do with stories like this. Ramsey came from a rich home while Adam came from a trailor in Kansas.

What criteria does one have to meet in order to adopt a kid? And, if Adam's runaways were so-called reported each time, why didn't the adoption agency know about it and take him back into state custody? What 11 yr old runs away that often unless they are still suffering abuse in the home? We all know a "problem child" is equal to "problem parents" so to blame something like this solely on the kid just amazes me entirely. Step to the plate and realize how idiotic and unfit you are to even consider having the joy of raising children.

This is a story I am following. It's all just a big mystery.