So I decided to express how funny it is that Akon is scared to know his age. He says he doesn't wanna know how old he is because then he will have to face the fact that he's aging and doesn't wanna think about getting check-ups and health insurance and all that good stuff. His records show he is 31 years old which isn't old at all, yet he still says he doesnt know if that age is true. When people ask his age he just picks a number [which we all know is always going to be younger than he actually is]. He says he feels 21 and will be 21 for 10 years.... but if he's 31 then that means he'll be 41 in ten years. Just saying. Maybe once he feels old and slowing down he'll face the music but for now he's just 31. He has a good 20 or 30 years to be considered "old" but it can be understood that in his industry, artists age about 10 times quicker.