DEEP RooTed album dropping January 27, 2009!!

I'm excited to have my first potentially dope album to drop this year. Fiiinallyy! Deep Rooted is the dopest unsigned rap/ R&b groups in California.I have a couple samples of their songs down below and if u like what you hear, you can purchase them. only a dollar a piece right? Think of it as somethin off the dollar menu only it'll last more than the 20 seconds it takes to eat it:

I'm already knowing you like what you hear so Check out the group here at their Deep Rooted myspace page (because I know 90% of you are already logged in), check out other music, buy other albums...
And then cop the self titled third installment Deep Rooted album that drops this Tuesday January 27th, 2009. Blue and Exile are featured on the album and if you never heard, I have a free album from them listen in my top albums of last year. check it out. You'll find nice soul vibes featured on the Deep Rooted collection of albums as well as clean take on hip hop. Listen and Enjoy.